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The Unofficial and Unbelievably Awesome
Neocities Guide to having a Retro Computer GUI!

We all know why you're here on Neocities in the first place. You want to surf the Internet and use computer programs like it's 1999.
Well, you'll need to look the part first! For a little inspiration, first watch this video for what the authentic look and programs of the time were:

  1. Change your Desktop to look like Windows 95/98
  2. Make Your Web Browser and Email Client look like Netscape Navigator/Communicator
  3. Configure your Web Browser to play Games that use Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave and Flash
  4. Install Winamp to play your MP3s and OGGs.
  5. Download the mIRC Chat Client (And use IRC to talk to friends!)
  6. Set up a Windows Screensaver

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This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license!
So long as you give attribution to Baloo's Revue, feel free to share, build upon, and distribute this guide.

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