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Nostalgic Websites to Visit!

Want to relive more of the World Wide Web of the 1990s and early 2000s? Bored because of COVID-19? Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with some websites preserved and here for you relive the full Web 1.0 Experience. Just remember, you'll need to use the Pale Moon 32-bit browser and install Shockwave, Quicktime, and/or Flash to play the games and view some of the other content on these websites. Check out the Retro Guide for a step-by-step on how to install all of the necessary items.

www.sega.com (1997, Archived by archive.org)

Screenshot of Sega.com

Sega's original website had plenty of charm. Games powered by Shockwave, full writeups on the newest Sega Saturn releases, and plenty of wallpapers, PC game demos, and screensavers to download. There's even a cool Microsoft Plus! Theme based on the Sega Saturn game "NiGHTS into Dreams..."! Or send your loved ones a SEGAGRAM! The protocols to send it through the site via email don't work anymore, but that doesn't stop one from downloading the full image and sending it off in your favorite email client. Happy Birthday Mom!

Way to go Sonic Segagram

www.candystand.com (2001, Archived by archive.org)

 Candystand Arcade

Many remember fondly the Candystand website, run jointly by Nabisco and Mars. Incorporated, the makers of snack foods like Oreo's, Wrigley's Gum, Lifesavers, and Ritz Crackers. And nothing says commercialism more than a bunch of fun games running in Shockwave to make you hungry for these foods! But seriously, the Mini-Golf and Bowling games for Cremesavers are fun enough to make me want to go back in time and get those strawberry-and-cream flavored hard candies. Sadly, the Wayback Machine doesn't offer that feature...yet! But the website does have a Creamsavers Windows screensaver for download as a suitable replacement. And you can check out the bowling game here:

Cremesaver Lanes


Space Jam Website

Shocking to everyone who has ever hosted a website, the Space Jam website has remained untouched since the movie first came out in 1996! It's not fully functioning, as sadly, some of the music clips from the movie's great soundtrack are no later able to be downloaded. But there's still the option of watching the Space Jam trailer for the movie in 140p. But there's still some cool stuff. Check out obscure NBA stats, like how many three pointers Muggsy Bogues made in 1995. Take a Looney Toons quiz. Or find out whether Charles Barkley will ever go on a date with Madonna again.

Cartoonnetwork.com (2001/2003, archived by Archive.org)

I used to go on this website a ton and play the games as well. Cartoonnetwork judging from the Web Archive seemed to have gone through a lot of changes as a website from 2000-2005. Some of the content has remained the same, but unfortunately it was not preserved nearly as well as the other websites I've listed here for you. Expect buttons with missing graphics, Flash elements that don't seem to work, and 404s on the Web Archive. I'm breaking this one up into a couple of links so you can get the full experience of what the Web Archive has saved for us to look back. To try to find as much stuff on here, try looking at various captures of the website on the Web Archive from different years.
Toonami Daft Punk

Garfield.com (2005, archived by Archive.org)

"Check out the wisecracking, nap-taking, lasagna-loving fat cat's official Web site!" No seriously, check it out because the cat's website itself told me to say that under this nice GIF image they've supplied to link you to a website full of fun games and wacky downloads of postcards, screensavers, icons, and other Web 1.0 stuff that we love here at Baloo's Revue. I was a big Garfield fan as a kid, and the website is something that every kid will love.

Wario Land 4 (Archived by Archive.org)

Welcome to Greedville
A website promoting Wario Land 4, Welcome to Greedville, a fun website with some games and some very cool downloads, if you can manage to get the collection of Wario Bucks to work through Archive.org. There are some cool Quicktime videos of Wario Land 4 trailers as well, plus a comic about Wario and Mario growing up.

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