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Hello and Welcome to Baloo's Revue!

Hi, I'm Baloo and this is my website! This Neocities site contains a variety of different things, a way to aggregate all of the content that I've created over the years over various accounts into one place. I don't really believe in social media, as I think it's caused us to lose ownership of our data and our creative nature as people in a modern society. Creating a website in HTML from scratch sort of fights back to that notion. I also find that most Neocities websites don't have enough to keep people coming back! So I've created this website to aggregate all of the content I've spread over the internet through various accounts into one place to centrally cultivate it over the years.

The website's top bar navigates to much of the content, but here are links to some of the other things I've written, created, or done.

Here is a banner button, feel free to share with a link to the website. Please Stick around and leave a comment, sign the Guestbook!!!

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