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Who is the mastermind behind the chill beats infecting album playlists on Youtube?

August 8th, 2020

Hello and welcome to Baloo's Blog! A real clever name right? In the full swing of coronavirus, here's where I'm going to be writing about all of the wild and crazy things that go on. But in the spirit of investigative journalism, I decided to write about a topic that has completely intrigued me.

In what can only be birthed from the ingenuity of monetized Youtube videos, A clever entrepreneur whose Youtube channel entitled "Music Guy" has compiled hundreds of "Deluxe" playlists of new and classic albums, while slipping in-between them videos of unattributed music from an equally vague account entitled "ListningtoMusic"

Here's an example of this type of playlist on Youtube featuring Chromeo's latest album Head Over Heels. And for your listening pleasure, here is one of the aforementioned music tracks (sans ads from an Invidious Instance)

These videos,which feature over 10 minutes of jazzy, vaporwave-esque music have taken people off-guard with their avante garde nature that presumes that their favorite artists are going in a different direction with a track or two when they click on a random Youtube playlist and press play. The videos, laden with ads, are making money for whoever made these accounts. These videos inspire many comments such as these regarding the unsuspected music:

Good Feedback!

But the music is of good enough quality to say: Who made the songs?

Both Youtube accounts feature absolutely no identifying information about their proprietors. "Music Guy" has an interesting little avatar here. Let's see what TinEye Reverse Image Search turns up on this image.

Who is this guy?

This cropped photo seems to be taken from the Flickr account of one JB Brandel, who also goes by "jbudoner." He uploaded the full image, "All rights reserved." He uploaded the image on January 8, 2011. The image is entitled Music Guy and contains the caption "The blue music guy...nobody can rock out to music the way this guy does." Indeed JB, indeed. Brandel's own profile describes him as a "computer geek. I spend my life on my laptop, programming my latest projects for the next big thing. I come across a lot of cool pictures over the net which is why I'm creating this flickr account, so that I can share them with the world =]"

But JB hasn't uploaded anything since 2011? Doubtful he is our culprit. What do the videos themselves say?

In an even more bizarre state of affairs, the Youtube videos have great names like "Make Money" and "The Break." And to taunt us with his entrepreneurial ways, our mystery Youtuber has provided each video comes with sage advice in the description like the writeup below:

Hope You Enjoy

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Here's another one:

I hope you enjoy

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Sounds like your usual spambot flavor. Well, what about Shazam,, or Miyodo? Unfortunately, all three music identifier services pulled up nothing.  These orchestral wonders, which will only be known as "The Break", "The Break 3", and "Make Money" have left us all hanging of who could really be making these sick beats. Got any leads? Drop one in the comment below. Because this song "Make Money" is a smooth jam. And it gives me an idea on making my own money...

But until next time everybody...Do the Mario!

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