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Who doesn't like Wallpapers? Here are a few I've picked up scattered from across the web, buried in old sites archived by the Web Archive. These were free to distribute in the first place, so I feel alright sharing them with you. I think they're cool enough that they shouldn't be lost to time. Simply click on the wallpaper thumbnail to be taken to the main page.

Sonic Flying Wallpaper
Sonic Flying - I am all
about the late 90s 3D renderings of Sonic, before Sonic Adventure when he got all extreme. It just reminds me of a simpler time.

Toonami Bridge WallpaperToonami Bridge - Who didn't think Toonami was the coolest thing growing up? Cowboy Bebop, Daft Punk music videos, and robots. What more can one ask for on TV?

Sonic 1280x1024 Running Wallpaper
Sonic Running - The same 3D Sonic model...BUT BIGGER!

Sonic Surfboard Wallpaper
Sonic on Surfboard - I found this while downloading an archived Sega.com page from 1997, apparently hosted in the page but not available to download otherwise.